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Islington Ballet School

~ Welcome to North London’s friendliest Ballet School! ~


The Islington Ballet School was founded in 1966 by Antonia Dugdale. It offers creative dance and Cecchetti ballet classes for children from two and a half years old.

The majority of children attend classes as a fun after school activity. I aim to make the classes as enjoyable as possible and the children are encouraged to develop imagination, self-confidence and dance quality as well as technique and musicality.

An experienced pianist accompanies all the classes.

My classes for very young children are particularly creative with stories, nursery rhymes with actions and simple balletic movements to develop co-ordination. As the children progress I teach them the Cecchetti method of ballet and they use the steps they have learned for improvisation and “story ballets” which for many is the highlight of the class.

Children are given the opportunity to enter for exams from about 6 years of age. I arrange examination sessions about twice a year with an examiner sent by the Imperial Society of Dancing.

Pupils who are more serious about their dancing are invited to attend an additional class per week and enter competitions and audition for the Cecchetti Associates.

I hope to give the children a love of dance and happy memories of their time at the School.

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